Current Session Info

2020 Sideline Cheer

Registration is closed

** Registration Fee ** (refundable if Season is Canceled Only)
- $50 per Cheerleader / Mini
- $25 per Cheerleader / Mini (if you have multi kids in AYC)

FULL COST (Subject to Change)
Once we know more details about our 2020 Season we will give more information.

Cheer Registration Rate: $300 (May 7 thru July 10)
Mini's Registration Rate: $200(May 7 thru July 10)

- It is mandatory to attend our sizing to get properly fitted items. If you do not attend we can not guarantee proper fitted attire.
(Athletes must come in leggings or Nike Pro's, fitted tank or sports bra)

** Cheer Season **
Once we get clarification on when our season can begin we will let everyone know. EVERYONE must pay the initial Registration Fee. Once we know when our season will start we will start collecting the remaining due. ** REGISTRATION FEE IS REFUNDABLE if we have to cancel our season **

** Cheer Squads **
We will be adjusting our cheer squads depending on AYF teams.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Sideline Cheer,

For more information, visit the Aloha Youth Cheer website at


Welcome to Aloha Youth Cheer (AYC).

Welcome to Aloha Youth Cheer (AYC). We are proud to say AYC is more than a Sideline cheer program, we offer so much more for our young cheerleaders throughout the year!

Aug thru Oct we cheer for Aloha Youth Football (sideline cheer) Registration is open now.

November we start our Aloha Youth Competition team. We practice & compete from Nov thru March (Registration opens in October).

Throughout the year we hold various Cheer & Stunt clinics to keep our cheerleaders up to date on cheers & stunts. We also have tumbling classes at StyleShock.

Through the participation and instruction in the sport of cheerleading, we will promote the ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity & accountability, team cooperation & community activities. We work hand in hand with Aloha High School cheerleaders and coaches!!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Aloha Youth Cheerleader!